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Anton Domenico Gabbiani - (Firenze 1652-1726)

Birth of the Virgin

Oil on canvas, 145 x 203 cm.

Suggested Bibliography:
F. S. Baldinucci, Vite di artisti dei secoli XVII-XVIII, 1725-1730, ed. a cura di A. Matteoli, Roma 1975, pp. 62-87.
I. E. Hugford, Vita di Anton Domenico Gabbiani pittor fiorentino, Firenze, 1762.

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The Birth of the Virgin is a newly discovered masterpiece by the painter Anton Domenico Gabbiani, one of the most famous late Baroque artists in Florence.
Well appreciated by the Medici and others notable noble Florentine families that gave him the decoration of their grand palaces, he trained between Florence, Rome and Venice, especially in contact with the painters Vincenzo Dandini e Ciro Ferri.
This painting is probably datable between the first and the second decade of the eighteenth century, when the artist develops an elegant, classical and emotionally controlled painting, with clear and bright colours and a new eighteenth-century fluency still supported by the traditional “chiaroscuro”, well displayed in our remarkable work.

Francesca Baldassari
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